01Edgerunners content

Edgerunners content

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners is a cyberpunk anime series that’ll pull you even deeper into the world of Night City. Keep your eyes peeled for traces the story’s characters have left behind!

Secrets from Edgerunners await you on the streets of Night City, so get out there and find ‘em!
02Transmog customization

Transmog customization

Style and substance, choom! Transmog is here! You can now create Outfits in your Wardrobe that change your equipped clothing’s appearance without changing their stats by using holographic projection technology.

You can create and modify Outfits using the Wardrobe feature in your apartment, and they can be activated from your Inventory anytime, anywhere!
03Added side missions

Added side missions

The city’s fixers have some gigs for you! Answer their call and see who needs the services of Night City’s top merc – three new gigs await in Kabuki and Arroyo!

To unlock your new gigs, check the Night City map and head to the points marked with a special icon.
04New arcade mini-game

New arcade mini-game

Embark on an epic adventure atop legendary and loyal Roach! Rank among the Top 5 best players to earn awesome rewards such as money and unique items!

The “Roach Race” minigame is available on all arcade machines throughout Night City, including in V’s apartments in Japantown, Northside and the Glen.
05New weapons: melee

New weapons: melee

Life on the edge means you gotta keep your skills sharp. To help you do that, we have five new blade weapon types to choose from, including knives, axes, machetes and... a chainsword.

Look for the new melee weapons at your favorite vendors.
06New weapons: firearms

New weapons: firearms

Now that’s something Night City’s never seen! We’ve added some completely new guns, including our first fully automatic shotgun, our first Tech submachine gun, a deadly new piece of Kang Tao iron and more!

You can find the new weapons at selected vendors in Night City.
07Photomode updates

Photomode updates

Want Nibbles with you wherever you go? Add your cat to the photos you take around Night City!

To take a pic with Nibbles, you have to take him in first! When he settles at your place, you can enter Photo Mode and select his character in the Pose tab. Because what the world needs now is more cat pictures!
08Neon rims for motorcycles

Neon rims for motorcycles

Take your motorcycle for another spin around Night City. Turn some heads with new neon wheels!

To change the color of your motorcycle’s rims, press Horn button while driving.
09V's New Apartments

V's New Apartments

Tired of living in a glorified walk-in closet? Trudging up to your hundredth-floor walkup? The cyberpsycho next door keeping you up all night? EZEstates is here to help! From a cosy little netrunner pad in Northside to a luxury designer suite in Corpo Plaza – whatever you're looking for, we've got it! No middlemen, no annoying paperwork or silly background checks. Just a one-time payment and you're set for a whole year! And that's not all! We also offer custom apartment MAKEOVER packages so you can be extra sure your pad is as fresh as your style, choombatta! EZEstates – it's not how you got your eddies, it's how you spend them!

Check out available rentals and apartment makeover options on the EZEstates website. Available after starting Act 2.
10Budget Arms Guillotine

Budget Arms Guillotine

Friends asked you out for a Friday night shootout but you're too broke to join them? Well, now you don't have to pass on the opportunity to enjoy their company! The Budget Arms Guillotine SMG has been created with moments like these in mind – it has a grip, a barrel, a magazine and a loose trigger for those unforgettable trigger-happy moments with your chooms.

Buy it at Wilson's Bangin' Sale or find it on the streets.
11Change V's Appearance

Change V's Appearance

Style is change, nothing lasts. Heraclitus, choom. Now you can try out the latest Night City looks and maybe start a fad of your own! Swap it, dye it, cut it, pierce it... The only rule is do what you want, be who you want. So long as you keep turnin' heads.

Switch up your look at the mirrors in V's apartment or safehouses.
12Johnny Silverhand Photo Mode

Johnny Silverhand Photo Mode

There's little Johnny Silverhand loves more than the spotlight. However, it's not easy to enjoy that if you're just a construct in someone's head. Time to unleash your inner rockerboy with Johnny's new poses! Show the unbelievers that the rumors of his death have been greatly exaggerated.

Open Photo Mode while playing as Johnny.
13Muzzle brakes

Muzzle brakes

Some mercs say that in order to make it in this biz, you have to take off the muzzle and forget about the brakes. While that may be true in a metaphorical sense, actual muzzle brakes can save your life. These babies greatly reduce weapon recoil, which translates to better gun control and more precision.

Buy it at Wilson's Bangin' Sale or find it on the streets.
14Darra Polytechnic Umbra

Darra Polytechnic Umbra

Some people might claim Darra Polytechnic's Umbra is an unwieldy hunk of low-grade alloy that wouldn't last five minutes in a real firefight. Those people would be right. However, despite its drawbacks, the Umbra is growing in popularity – you can buy it minutes before a gig, get the job done and toss it in the sewer without a second thought. The Umbra is cheap enough for you to ruin someone's life without ruining your budget.

Buy it at Wilson's Bangin' Sale or find it on the streets.
15Weapon scopes

Weapon scopes

If you want to be successful, you have to keep your eyes on the target. That is why we have prepared a range of weapon scopes to suit everyone's needs and budgets. If you're on the rise, you can afford the slick beauty and functionality of Arasaka, Tsunami or Kang Tao scopes. However, if you're against paying big money to even bigger corporations, get yourself a scope custom-made by one of Night City's countless iron techies.

Buy it at Wilson's Bangin' Sale or find it on the streets.
16Alternative Appearance for Johnny Silverhand

Alternative Appearance for Johnny Silverhand

Johnny Silverhand's rockin' a new look! When you combine the chic of Jinguji with the rebellious streak of DeLuze Orphean guitars, he reaches a whole new level of rockerboy style!

Switch it up in the game settings.
17V's New JacketsV's New Jackets

V's New Jackets

It doesn't matter who you are, what you do or what company you keep – if you don't have the right style, you're hopeless all the same. Good thing Viktor's got your back! He just sent a couple housewarming gifts that'll get you on the right side of fashion: a multilayered syn-leather deltajock jacket and a luminescent punk jacket. Style over substance, choomba!

Can be found in the stash in V's apartment.
18Archer Quartz

Archer Quartz "Bandit"

The limited-edition Quartz Bandit's got all you'd expect from an automotive icon: classic soul, nova style and enough horsepower to leave all those other gonks chompin' on your dust. You know, the type of ride to make the "rules" of the road seem more like... silly suggestions. Wanna take her for a spin? Help Panam in Rocky Ridge, then wait a few days for your fixer to whip you the deets.

Nab the Bandit after finishing the Ghost Town job.


As a thank you to all who purchased Cyberpunk 2077, we’re bringing a number of free DLC packs to Night City via automatic game updates — including new cars to drive, new clothes to wear, and more! Check out what’s already available — and stay tuned to see more packs appear here as they’re released!

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