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從《電馭叛客 2077》世界汲取靈感並參加官方作曲競賽!

創作出洗腦全夜城的熱門樂曲並贏得獎勵!什麼樣的獎勵?比如說,讓你的創作樂曲成為遊戲配樂?!《電馭叛客 2077:自由幻局》資料片中全新登場的「狂嗥 FM」社群電台現正募集樂曲中!



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  • 樂曲的風格、類型不限

  • 樂曲可為演唱樂曲或演奏樂曲 (演唱語言:英文、西班牙文、日文、中文)

  • 樂曲長度為 2:00~3:00 分鐘

  • 檔案格式須為 PCM WAV Stereo 24bit


  • 禁止以任何形式使用受版權保護之音樂

  • 禁止逐字抄襲其他歌曲、創作及其他作品之歌詞或內容。投稿作品必須為原創樂曲!

  • 禁止未經同意使用他人的演唱

  • 禁止任何涉及種族歧視、排外、性別歧視、誹謗、冒犯、違法之內容




獲獎的 12~15 首樂曲將登上《電馭叛客 2077:自由幻局》的獨立社群電台「狂嗥 FM」

獎金:美金 3000 元

《電馭叛客 2077》福袋

iZotope Elements Suite

iZotope Elements Suite


Can I submit a song that I have already created months ago?

No – as mentioned in the ruleset, "we invite you to create a musical work inspired by Cyberpunk 2077", which means that for the contest you have to create a new music track. When creating your piece of music, we'd like you to think about what #GrowlFM should be like and, in order to help you, we prepared an inspirational video which reflects the vibe we are looking for.

I have already submitted my track but I would like to change it now. Can you help?

In line with §4.4 of the ruleset, it's not possible to change or update your submission.

If I win the contest and transfer the copyrights, can I still share or promote my song?

We invite you to create a music track inspired by Cyberpunk 2077 and in case your song wins, we'd like to use it in the game. We need you to transfer your copyright to us because we need to be able to have the fullest control over the assets which are added to our game, e.g. to ensure players are allowed to play this music while they are streaming Cyberpunk 2077. This does not mean we want to ban you from sharing your creation with the community! We will propose some solutions which will allow you to use and promote your song in certain ways (e.g. posting it on Youtube).

I don't want to participate in the contest anymore. Can I withdraw my submission?

Yes, you can withdraw the submission by contacting us at Please note that according to §4.4 of the ruleset, you will not be able to re-submit any entry.

If multiple people work on one submission, can individuals who worked on it submit their own tracks?

No, you can participate in only 1 submission in total.

If we want to submit a track as a band, do all band members have to be 18 years old?

Yes, in line with §2.1 of the ruleset everyone who takes part in creating a track needs to be over 18 years old on the day of entering the contest.

I have a different question. How can I contact you?

First of all, please make sure that you have read our official ruleset available here and the FAQ above. If it still doesn't answer your question, you can write to us at