Your Trip to Night City - Best Entertainment

There’s no shortage of things to do in Night City. Just walking or driving through the city streets can lead to diversions aplenty, so if you’re looking for some free-time killers as you immerse yourself in this dense and stimulating megalopolis, here’s some places to go, things to do, and sights to see that’ll give you a buzz no matter what.

  • Street Races — Burn some rubber and prove you’re the best driver in Night City! The competitive street-racing scene is alive and well in 2077, and while the authorities probably don’t want this sort of thing advertised, you can’t deny that it’s one hell of a thrill to go bumper to bumper and dominate other drivers in this noble, high-octane sport. Not just everybody can get an invite to the starting grid, but we hear that Afterlife bartender, Claire, is looking for a dependable driver. Help her out, and you might just be able to take part in races to earn yourself some pretty cool rewards!

  • Arcade Cabinets — The arcade industry might be a fossil these days — what with entertainment like braindances so easy to get a hold of — but that doesn’t mean you can’t find some bonafide classics to sink some time into! There are still a decent number of functioning arcade machines in town, just hunt around some bars like the El Coyote Cojo in Heywood and you’re bound to find a working Trauma Drama or Roach Race cabinet. These games are a real throwback to the vintage arcade era, and are still as playable and addictive as they ever were. So go hunker down in front of a cabinet and forget about the world around you, if only for a moment. And hey, if you’re skilled enough to get on the leaderboards you might even get a prize or two!

P.S. Word on the street says that there’s an actual playable version of the cult-classic Arasaka Tower arcadeshooter out there!! Sources say to hunt around the Biotechnica Flats protein farms in the Badlands if you wanna play it for yourself…

  • Totentanz — Tucked away inside an abandoned factory in Watson’s NID (Northside Industrial District), Totentanz is a hardcore club frequented by the Maelstrom gang. Its heavy industrial vibe fills you with the need to unleash your pent up aggression; red strobe lighting covers the metal dancefloor as lit-up skulls and Maelstrom iconography add to the air of bloodlust. Heavy, pounding metal pumps from the speakers and there’s plenty of space to let it all out and dance in the black and red aura. When you feel like taking a break, the bar is within spitting distance of the dancefloor, and upstairs you’ll find some slightly chiller surroundings to relax in. And if you want a touch of risk, you can find one hell of a view of the NID by heading past the bar, into the makeshift bathroom, and poking your head (or entire body) out of the window. At nighttime, this is a great vista to enjoy along with a bit of peace and quiet after the hard-hitting beats inside.

  • Mega Ride Rollercoaster — The Pacifica district was supposed to be all about carefree leisure for the wealthy. Clearly, plans didn’t exactly pan out. The district was left half in ruins thanks to jettisoned investment, and now it’s a near no-go zone, with the Voodoo Boys gang staking their claim to almost the entire area. Still, there’s some moments of joy to be found here, and there’s no better example than the Mega Ride! This huge rollercoaster overlooks the coast just behind the Grand Imperial Mall. As you approach it, you can see the sheer scale of this coaster with its steep, winding tracks and even a loop-de-loop. For most visitors, one major drawback is that the Mega Ride seems, well, busted. But good news for you, that means there’s no queue! All it’ll take is a tiny bit of rewiring at a nearby power junction and this hidden gem of an attraction will be all yours. Enjoy the ride!