What's coming in 2.0: Cyberware

We’ve completely changed our approach to cyberware with Update 2.0 and there are many reasons for that. First of all, we want to treat cyberware as part of your build — specific gear that supports and enhances your playstyle and gameplay. 

Another reason is our dedication to style over substance. This is why we moved nearly all armor stats away from clothes and onto your cyberware, which gives you the freedom to wear what fits your style instead of looking for the best stats on your clothes. Only where it makes sense do your clothes still impact your armor, like on a bulletproof vest — but even then it’s to a much lesser degree than through your cyberware. And with the existing transmog system, you can make sure you always look exactly how you want!

Similar to David Martinez, it’s your cyberware that protects you from taking damage — not the clothes you wear. But as we saw in Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, we all have a limit of how much cyberware we can equip. The cyberware capacity system determines exactly how high that limit is for you and it can only be exceeded via a specific perk called ‘Edgerunner’. This perk allows you to exceed your limit by a certain amount to the detriment of your health. 

While your cyberware limit increases with every level, there are also new items and even a specific type of cyberware which can affect your cyberware capacity, so keep your eyes open if you are looking for more chrome!

You will still need to visit a ripperdoc if you’re looking to get new cyberware, but now you can also upgrade your existing cyberware right on the ripperdoc screen. The process of getting new cyberware has also been made more immersive with different animations depending on the type of implant you equip.

Finally, we’ve added a side quest introducing the new cyberware system to players who load an old save on the 2.0 update.

We hope you enjoy these changes and find the right chrome for you!