Build Planner — craft your Cyberpunk 2077 and Phantom Liberty builds!

With Update 2.0, we have completely redesigned the perks and skill trees to give you the freedom and flexibility to become the cyberpunk that you truly want to be. With a range of brand-new abilities that open up unique approaches to combat, stealth, hacking, and more, you’ll be able to take down your foes in exciting, creative ways that they won’t ever see coming!

Our vision for this new system was to have fewer, but way more impactful, perks for players to choose from. Instead of getting multiple low percentage increases to your damage, you will now get many opportunities to unlock completely different abilities that modify the way you play.

Everyone who continues their playthrough after downloading Update 2.0 will have the one-time chance to redistribute all of their attribute points in order to adapt to the new system. Perk points can be redistributed at any point outside of combat.

With so many new ways to build your character, we wanted players to experiment with their attributes and perk points without the need to commit to it in-game. 

For this, we created theCyberpunk 2077 Build Planner! It’s a fully fledged system that works in your browser — with it, you can plan out and theorycraft many different builds for your personal Cyberpunk character. If you’re particularly proud of a certain build, you can even share it with your chooms!

The Build Planner includes trees from the base game as well as the Relic skill tree from Phantom Liberty — this means you can plan out your builds regardless of which version of the game you own.

If you’re in need of some inspiration, we asked our developers to share their favorite builds with us. Check them out in action and dive into the builds perk by perk!

Karol Matyasik, Lead Gameplay Designer — Bullet-Time Ninja

Yuliia Pryimak, Gameplay Designer — Hack-&-Slash Netrunner

Filip Downar, Lead Gameplay Designer — Savage Slugger Solo 

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