Get ready for REDstreams!

Tsstsstss is this🎙️on? PREEM!

Get ready for the next episode of REDstreams, where our hosts Amelia Kołat and Alicja Kozera, together with their guests: Kacper Niepokólczycki (Lead Environment Artist) and Gabe Amatangelo (Game Director), will discuss several features that come with the next major update and PhantomLiberty expansion! Gameplay included 😎

Interested? Tune in to our Twitch channel on August 24th at 4 PM CEST.

During the stream, we will also host a short Q&A session with our devs.

If you have any burning questions about Dogtown and its characters, police systems, new skills and perks or car combat, drop them on our official Forum and Discord channels, links below!



But worry not! Our not-so-hostile AIs will also scout the Twitch chat for your questions! 🦾

See you soon, chooms!