Meet the finalists of Cyberpunk Cosplay Contest!

All qualifiers for Cyberpunk 2077 Cosplay Contest have concluded! First, let’s bring back our five finalists chosen previously during offline events:

Ketrin as V, gamescom qualifier

Lady Lunacy as V, PAX qualifier 

Lola Zieta as V, Tokyo Game Show qualifier 

Stepanovz as Royce, Igromir qualifier

Tingilya as Dum Dum, Paris Games Week qualifier 

Submissions for online qualifiers closed on November 30th. We received dozens of amazing and creative pictures. The decision was hard. In fact, it was so hard that we decided do choose 7 finalists from offline qualifiers! Here they are:

Props It Yourself as Trauma Team Soldier 

Yugoro as Chromanticore model

Anna Ormeli as Lizzy Wizzy

Selina Engel as Entropism 

Kody as Johnny Silverhand 

Congratulations Choombas! The 12 finalists will meet in the Grand Finale in 2020 to fight for the ultimate prize including 15,000$ and a professional photoshoot to be on the cover of the magazine among others! 

More details about the Grand Finale will be revealed in early 2020. If you want to learn more about Cyberpunk Cosplay Contest or check out our cosplay guides got to contest website